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Services-Taylor Made, “STM” is a Florida based full service property management firm that has been in business since 1991.  STM was started after Robert and Kimberly Mosley had both worked in the property management industry, for years, with different management companies.  Both Robert and Kim started at the property level and worked their way up in the industry before starting STM in 1991.  They feel this gives them a different philosophy and style of management that sets STM apart in the property management field.  Mr. Mosley believes that the “STM way” involves a combination of “old school” hands on management at the corporate level blended with the cutting edge technology and management styles of today.  Both are essential to be successful in this ever current ever changing real estate market.

Our Story


In 1991 STM started managing HUD troubled projects and market rate apartment communities.  The company quickly moved into the tax credit field where both Kim and Robert had extensive experience prior to starting STM.  After a few years of providing quality hands on management, that produced several valuable satisfied clients, STM was given an opportunity to expand into Las Vegas, Oklahoma City, Edmond and Tulsa Oklahoma as well as Fort Worth Texas and Mississippi.  In 2015 the company added properties under their management in Ohio and Indiana as well.

As the market continued to evolve in Florida many of the long term clients who owned market rate properties sold out to the Condo Conversion craze.  STM, ever responsive to the demands of the changing market evolved into Condo Conversions and for a short period some Condo Management.  Finally when the Florida market crashed STM moved into financially distressed or otherwise troubled projects for HUD, Florida Housing and private groups such as Boston Financial, Boston Capital, Bank of America, Security Properties and KeyBank.  The success STM experienced in those years managing distressed projects has made them valuable to Owners and Government Agencies who find themselves in this position with their multifamily projects.  It has also opened doors for STM to provide property inspections, due diligence inspections, sample REAC and MOR inspections for individual Owners or Owner managed properties that are struggling in today’s market or find themselves out of compliance with HUD or the IRS if a housing credit project.

Finally, STM strives to “tailor” its services to our Owners and Residents needs while maintaining the real estate we manage at its maximum value and highest and best use. 


Our Philosophy
At Services-Taylor Made we believe there are 5 “differentiators” that separate good property management from great property management—from merely maintaining a property to producing the highest possible net operating income.

At Services-Taylor Made we seek to work closely with an Owner to develop and then execute a clear vision for their property. We share experiences with an Owner of how to look at the brand and reputation of their property from a holistic perspective and then enhance its strengths and address its weaknesses for long-term success. We have determined that it is this work that sets us apart from our peers.


The Right Team
Our job is to identify, equip and supervise the best people to work at our Owners’ properties. From the on-site manager and maintenance supervisor to the regional supervisor, we bring a team approach to ensuring every aspect of the property’s needs are met. We hand-pick and mold a team of folks to manage each property with a deep desire to choose people who will shield our Owners from the inevitable headaches that come from property ownership.

Procedures & Policies
At each of its properties, Services-Taylor Made seeks to provide a “systems roadmap” for property operations.  Services-Taylor Made has developed a body of procedures and policies that are used to provide an orderly system of operations. This “systems roadmap” determines leasing policies, resident rules, and maintenance schedules for each property.

Relentless Attention to Detail
Services-Taylor Made brings the eye of an Owner to each property it manages.  Regular and random inspections, stringent energy management plans, detailed communication with government agencies, and consistent rental income increases are just a few of the ways we strive to be wise and careful stewards of your money and your property.

Fiscal Discipline
Services-Taylor Made understands the importance of regularly producing accurate financial reports that are detailed enough to allow an Owner or Investor or Lender to evaluate the performance of their property in a user-friendly format. We provide monthly reports to our Owners that diligently track monthly income and expenses while also detailing how respective months compared financially to one another and to an established budget.


Leading with Professionalism - STM is focused on providing highly competent and disciplined management to its properties.
Leading with Integrity – STM demands that all employees act honestly, ethically and fairly in the management of its properties. 

Leading with a Commitment to Quality – With an attention to detail, STM desires to inspect what it expects to ensure that all assets under management are continuously maintained and well preserved. 

Leading with a Commitment to Service —with a commitment to hospitality, STM desires to serve its residents with care, concern and responsiveness. 

Leading by Delivering Superior Value —STM aims to manage from an Owner’s perspective with a duel focus on working to collect the highest revenue attainable while controlling expenses through strong fiscal discipline.  

Leading by Giving – STM aspires to promote resident involvement and volunteerism and serve as an example of generosity through a corporate commitment to charitable causes.  

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