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STM recognizes that not all Owners want to utilize a third party management company full time while at the same time they may need professional assistance on an interim basis to improve their property performances.  In an effort to meet these short term needs STM has developed several services that have proven to be invaluable to private Owners who self manage.

In addition large institutional companies find the need to evaluate their Third Party Management from time to time when performance falls beneath an acceptable level and some private Owners need help to monitor their properties which may be logistically inconvenient for them and or their corporate staff to do in house.  Again, STM has designed short tern and on going services to meet these ever changing needs.

Asset Management:

  • Review monthly financials for operational “red  flags” that can prevent the property from becoming troubled.

  • Perform on site “detailed” inspections monthly, quarterly or annually for Owners to include but not limited to market study, staff evaluation, unit inspections, turn over analysis, collection and delinquency trends and long and short term capital needs.

  • Provide Executive summary reports for Owners from Financials and Inspections to help Owners quickly analyze performance of their properties.

Pre-REAC Inspections:  

  • 100% unit inspection to identify deficiencies that would be noted by a REAC inspector.

  • Train on site staff on REAC inspections and point scoring.

  • Walk with REAC Inspector on day of Inspection.

  • Complete repairs needed to pass a REAC inspection including bids and contractor work to be  done prior to Inspection.

Click here to view our latest REAC scores!

Administrative Training for Owner Managed Properties:

  • Review Owner Policy and Procedures and make recommendations.

  • Provide a “sample” policy and procedure manual.

  • Review administrative systems and procedures and make recommendations.

  • Provide “sample” administrative procedures.

  • Review accounting procedures, software, audit requirements and make recommendations for improvement.

  • Review on site operations and make recommendations.

  • Provide Section 8 on site staff training.

Due Diligence Inspections:

  • 100% unit by unit inspections for Investors to include short and long term capital needs, resident profile, staff evaluations, file audits and current market conditions.

Pre-MOR Inspections:

  • 100% File Audit to identify all pending issues prior to MOR.

  • Train on site staff on MOR inspection and criteria.

  • Be available on day of inspection to work with HUD Inspector.

Tax Credit:

  • Provide Tax Credit Compliance training for on site staff.​

  • Assist in inspection preparation for Tax Credit Inspections.

  • 100% file audit.

  • Assist in 3rd party Inspections.

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